15 Sep 2016

Blueberry Yogurt Semifreddo

Have you yet been foraging this autumn? (For autumn has already arrived here in the North). I love wandering in a forest, especially on these warm autumn days we've been enjoying lately. Forests are still full of blueberries which unfortunately are out of the season by now, overripe and watery. If you have access to blueberries, you should try this semifreddo. Semifreddo is an easy version of homemade icecream: you don't need to make any custards and most importantly you don't need an icecream maker. I've made it twice this summer, first for a family meeting and then to our German guests. On both occasions it took quite a long time for the semifreddo to thaw enough (it was hard, but really worth the wait: the texture and taste are so much better once it has softened enough).

Rowans are so full of berries this autumn! I love how they look, especially the orange variety, against the still green leaves. On the second time I served this, I had decorated it frozen rowan berries and the German guests were astonished if those really were "Vogelbeere" which they considered poisonous. I didn't expect anyone to eat them (as the taste is very bitter and tart), they were just for decoration. I also promised them they are not poisonous lol (actually they can be made into a jam/jelly).

Blueberry Yogurt Semifreddo

100 g blueberries + 25 g sugar or 100 ml blueberry jam

2 eggs
80 g powdered sugar

250 g Turkish yogurt (10 % fat)
2 tsp vanilla sugar (or 1/2 tsp vanilla extract)
50 g blueberries, pureed
200 ml whipping cream

To decorate: berries, blueberry twigs etc.

Cook 100 g blueberries and 25 g sugar into pourable jam (about 5-10 minutes) and let cool. Whisk eggs and sugar together until ribbon stage. Mix 50 g of pureed blueberries with 100 g yogurt and add 1 tsp vanilla sugar. Add half of the whisked eggs. Mix the remaining yogurt with 1 tsp vanilla sugar and the rest of the whisked eggs. Whip the cream and divide between the two mixtures. Pour first the purple mixture to a dish, pour the blueberry jam on and finish with the white mousse. Freeze for 3-4 hours. Let thaw some time in room temperature before serving. Decorate with berries etc.

Inspired by Fräulein Klein ja k-ruoka.fi


100 g mustikoita + 25 g sokeria, tai 1 dl mustikkahilloa

2 kananmunaa
80 g tomusokeria

250 g turkkilaista jogurttia
2 tl vaniljasokeria
50 g mustikoita, soseutettuna
2 dl kermaa

koristeluun: esim. marjoja, mustikanvarpuja...

Keitä 100 g mustikoita ja 25 g sokeria  hilloksi (tai käytä valmista hilloa). Vatkaa munat ja sokeri vaaleaksi vaahdoksi nauha-asteelle. Sekoita 100 g jogurttia, 1 tl vaniljasokeria ja 50 g mustikkasosetta yhteen ja toisessa kulhossa 150 g jogurttia ja 1 tl vaniljasokeria. Jaa muna-sokerivaahto tasan näihin ja sekoita varovasti tasaiseksi (vaahto kannattaa lisätä muutamassa erässä). Vatkaa kerma vaahdoksi ja jaa myös tasan seoksiin. Kääntele tasaiseksi.

Kaada seokset jäädykemuottiin niin että hillo tulee väliin. Voit halutessasi myös marmoroida jäädykkeen upottamalla veitsen seokseen ja kääntelemällä muutamaan kertaan varovasti.

Pakasta 3-4 tuntia tai kunnes se on jäätynyt. Ota pehmenemään joksikin aikaa ennen tarjoilua ja koristele haluamillasi aineksilla.

2 Sep 2016

Kale Salad

Autumn is coming <3 I like all seasons but that's my favorite. Those crisp, hazy mornings with the low, yellow-ish light. Leaves have already started getting their autumn tones and in the morning the grass is all wet from dew. Have you noted that autumnal scent already?

As much as I love seasonality in cooking, and in everything basically, I still feel pain when I have to say goodbye to some ingredients, be it pumpkins, kale or nectarines. They taste right only when it's their season. I'm preparing to say goodbye to nectarines, my favorite summer fruit. Lately they haven't tasted as sweet and seem a bit dry and mealy. But to comfort me, there are those delicious small Finnish apples that have all these imaginative names like Valkea Kuulas (White Transparent), Huvitus ("Amusement") or Punakaneli ("Red Cinnamon"). I've also spotted some delicious looking Hokkaido pumpkins (I made this soup already last week) and fresh kale. Last spring I made this salad almost until summer as I love it so, although kale is really a winter vegetable and can get too "woody" in the spring. Let the season of kale salad start ^^

This is really not a recipe at all but rather a way to serve it: The best way is just  to rub it with salt, vinegar and oil and when the slightly woody leaves are wilted, that's it: so yummy :)

Kale Salad

serves 3-4 as a side dish

200 g kale
~1-2 tsp vinegar (any, I like apple vinegar and red wine vinegar)
~2-3 Tbsp vegetable oil (I prefer extra virgin rapeseed oil, as it has nutty flavour)

Wash the kale leaves properly. Tear them into bite-size pieces taking off the thickest stems. Dry the leaves using a salad spinner or a kitchen towel. Rub then with salt, vinegar and oil until wilted. Check the favour and add salt, vinegar and oil if needed. (Season with pepper).



200 g lehtikaalia
n. 1-2 tl viinietikkaa (mitä vain, mutta itse pidän omena- ja punaviinietikasta)
n. 2-3 rkl öljyä (pidän kylmäpuristetusta rypsiöljystä, siinä on ihanan pähkinäinen maku)

Pese lehdet ja revi ne suupalan kokoisiksi poistaen samalla paksuimmat lehtiruodit. Kuivaa salaattilingossa tai keittiopyyhkeellä. Ripottele päälle suola, kaada hieman etikkaa ja öljyä ja hiero lehtiä, kunnes ne ovat pehmentyneet (niitä saa hieroa ja puristella ihan kunnolla, jotta ne pehmentyvät riittävästi). Lisää tarvittaessa vielä suolaa, etikkaa ja öljyä sekä halutessasi voit maustaa vielä mustapippurilla.

30 Jul 2016

Salmon Poke

A couple weeks ago I tasted salmon poke at a local restaurant. It was love straight away. The soy sauce and toasted sesame oil, yummy. And it was served on rice (I do love my rice). It had some macadamias sprinkled on and despite my previous experiences with them I still ended up tasting them. I thought I didn't like macadamias, I've found their taste quite bland and even a bit soapy at times but this time I got addicted. I still don't find their taste very intriguing but their magical crunchy yet chewy texture is so addicting. Immediately the next weekend I recreated the poke bowl and had to have macadamias in it.

(Btw, when I cooked this, it wouldn't have occurred to anyone, but now it seems funny to be posting a poke recipe as everyone is madly enthusiastic about pokémons haha)

Salmon Poke Bowl

serves 2

200 g fresh salmon
1 spring onion
1/2 sweet onion (or silver onion)
2 Tbsp light soy sauce (usukuchishoyu)
   or: 1 Tbsp Japanese soy sauce + 1 Tbsp water + 1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp toasted sesame oil
toasted sesame seeds
a few macadamia nuts
hot rice, to serve

(If you’re serving the bowl with rice, start by washing and preparing it. Otherwise this is a quick dish to prepare). Put soy sauce (and water and salt), sesame oil and cut onions into a bowl. Leave to macerate while you prepare the other stuff. Cut the salmon into cubes (appr. size of a normal dice; D6 to elaborate). Toast sesame seeds. Mix everything together and let marinate for about 5-10 minutes (not too long).

*Usukuchishoyu is a light soy sauce variety. It’s more salty than regular soy sauce (despite the name). It's lighter in soy flavour and colour.

Recipe adapted from Glorian Ruoka&Viini.

19 Jul 2016

Tarragon Carrots - Rakuunaporkkanat

I was reminded of this fantastic (and fast = fastastic) side dish some time ago. It was a staple in my student kitchen (cheap, easy, fast and very tasty). The recipe was handwritten by my grandma to her old cookbook, so basically it's a family recipe (though I can't remember she ever cooking it, as she passed away when I was little).

Tarragon Carrots

serves 3-4 (or 2 hungry students, of course depending on what other food you're serving)

4-5 carrots
1 Tbsp butter
1-2 Tbsp syrup
a dash of soy sauce
a couple of Tbsp cut fresh tarragon (or cilantro, parsley,...)
  or 1-2 tsp dried tarragon

Peel the carrots and cut them into coins. Cook them in salted water until cooked through. Pour the water away and add butter, syrup, soy sauce and the herb of choice. Mix and serve warm.


3-4:lle (tai kahdelle nälkäiselle opiskelijalle, tietenkin riippuen minkä kanssa tarjoat porkkanat)

4-5 porkkanaa
1 rkl voita
1-2 rkl siirappia
tilkka soijakastiketta
pari rkl silputtua tuoretta ranskalaista rakuunaa (tai korianteria, lehtipersiljaa, ...)
  tai 1-2 tl kuivattua rakuunaa

Kuori porkkanat ja leikkaa ne kolikoiksi, Keitä suolatussa vedessä sopivan kypsiksi. Kaada keitinvesi pois ja lisää voi, siirappi, soija ja yrtit. Sekoita ja tarjoa lämpimänä lisäkkeenä.

16 Jul 2016

Cinnamon (Bun) Toast - Kaneli(puusti)paahtoleipä

It happens sometimes that I'm in acute need of a cinnamon bun. While the ones sold at nearby shops are bad, the ones made by Max's Cafe are very GOOD but the opening hours are a bit limited. Luckily I've already found a way to cure my acute cinnamon bun deficiency, but this one is even faster. I'm always wondering why the nice cafés close so early in Finland (actually I know the answer but the question lies beyond and beyond). After the day's work I'd love to spend time in a café, lazily drinking a coffee while reading, blogging, surfing the net. The only ones open late are usually dirty, pub-like and serving bad coffee and pastry.

Btw, did you notice the Finnish title: that is really a long word, right? :D (Resepti suomeksi sivun alalaidassa).

Cinnamon Bun Toast

1 slice of toast or brioche

Cinnamon butter:
1-2 tsp soft butter
2 tsp sugar
a dash of cinnamon
a small pinch of cardamom

Make cinnamon butter by mixing all ingredients and slather it onto your bread. Toast in a toaster oven or with the broiler function of your oven until the bread is golden brown and the butter has caramelized.

Adapted from the adorable and ever so invent-ious Steph of iamafoodblog.com.

Nopea apu akuuttiin korvapuustivajeeseen :)

Kanelipaahtis eli korvapuustipaahtoleipä

1 siivu (paahto)leipää tai pullapitkoa

1-2 tl pehmeää voita
2 tl sokeria
ripaus kardemummaa

Sekoita kanelivoin ainekset. Voitele sillä leipä- tai pullasiivu ja paahda uunissa grillivastusten alla (tai muussa paahtimessa jossa leipä voi olla horisontaalisesti), kunnes leipä on kullanruskea ja voi on karamellisoitunut.

Alkuperäinen resepti: iamafoodblogin ihana ja aina niin kekseliäs Steph.

11 Jul 2016

Buttermilk Chicken

I don't know why I always start to watch TV shows in the summer. Usually I don't do TV marathons in the winter but once it's summer, I just want to relax (and my way of relaxing apparently involves TV drama). I've been binge watching Game of Thrones (season 6), How I met your mother (from season 6, too) and Bunheads (which is like Gilmore Girls, but set in a dance studio :D).

The guys in HIMYM are always eating Chinese takeout (from cardboard boxes) so I needed to create something of the sorts to eat with my rice, preferably from chicken. I'd had my eye on this recipe for some time, so it was about time to test it (I made some alterations though).

Foxtail got his share of buttermilk too. He got so carried away with it while licking the buttermilk carton that he messed the whole kitchen floor (and his face too).

(Resepti alla myös suomeksi.)

Buttermilk Chicken

serves 3-4, depending if you're serving it with rice or other side dish

300 g chicken breast
1 lime (juice and zest)
A bunch of coriander
1 garlic clove
A piece of ginger

half a stalk of lemongrass
200 ml buttermilk

oil for stir-frying
sesame seeds 

Optional wasabi dressing:
1 part Japanese soy sauce
1 part rice vinegar

wasabi paste (I use 1/2-1 tsp for every Tbsp of soy sauce)
2 parts toasted sesame oil

Make the marinade: Remove the leaves from coriander and put aside, chop the stalks. Grate garlic, ginger and lime zest. Slice the lemongrass. Stir grated ginger, garlic and lime zest, coriander stalk and lemongrass to buttermilk, along with the squeezed lime juice. Add salt. Cut the chicken to chopstick-eatable pieces (I'd cut the breast into 4-5 pieces, it's easier to get the marinade off, when not too may pieces). Place in fridge and let marinate in buttermilk overnight (or at least 4 hours).

Next day, pick the chicken pieces from the marinade (chopsticks work well here or tongs) and pat the meat almost dry, leaving a small amount of buttermilk on the meat, as it will give nice colour to otherwise pale chicken when cooked (it burns quite easily though). Heat up some vegetable oil in a frying pan. Saute the chicken pieces until brown and cooked. The marinade tends to stick to the pan, but be quick to move the chicken pieces on the pan, so that the browning marinade coats the chicken pieces. You can add sesame seeds at this point but don't let them burn. Finally add the coriander leaves and serve alongside some rice or salad.

Optional: Especially if you're serving the chicken with salad, I strongly recommend my favorite sesame wasabi dressing: Soften the wasabi paste with adding the soy sauce little by little. Add rice vinegar and toasted sesame oil and whisk. Check the taste.


3-4:lle, riippuen lisukkeista

300 g broilerin rintafileitä
1 lime (mehu ja kuori)
nippu korianteria
puolikas sitruunaruohon varsi
1 valkosipulin kynsi
pala inkivääriä
1 tl suolaa
2 dl piimää

öljyä paistamiseen
seesaminsiemeniä viimeistelyyn 

Valinnainen wasabikastike
(tee tätä, etenkin, jos tarjoat broilerin salaatin kanssa, mutta kastike toimii myös riisin kera):
1 osa japanilaista soijakastiketta
wasabia maun mukaan (laitan n. 1/2-1 tl wasabia / 1 rkl soijaa)
1 osa riisiviinietikkaa
2 osaa paahdettua seesamiöljyä


Marinadi: Raasta valkosipuli, inkivääri ja limen kuori. Viipaloi sitruunaruoho ohuiksi kolikoiksi. Leikkaa korianterin varret (säästä lehdet viimeistelyyn). Lisää raasteet, sitruunaruoho, korianterin varret, puristettu limenmehu ja suola piimään. Leikkaa kananfileet noin 4-5 osaan, (jotta marinadin saa kätevämmin pois; itse leikkasin palat turhan pieniksi) ja laita ne marinadiin. Anna maustua jääkaapissa yön yli tai ainakin 4 tuntia.

Seuraavana päivänä nosta kananpalat pois marinadista ja taputtele suurin osa marinadista pois keittiöpaperilla (ei ihan kaikkea, sillä se antaa kanalle hyvän värin paistossa, mutta toisaalta palaa helposti). Paista kananpalat paistinpannulla öljyssä, kunnes ne ovat kypsiä ja kauniin ruskeita. Lisää halutessasi paiston loppuvaiheessa pannulla seesaminsiemeniä (varo etteivät ne pala). Lopuksi lisää korianterin lehdet ja tarjoile riisin tai salaatin kera.

Halutessasi, etenkin jos tarjoilet kanan salaatin kanssa, voit tehdä lisäksi wasabikastikkeen (joka toimii kylläkin myös riisin kanssa): Sekoita wasabitahnaan soijakastike pikkuhiljaa, jotta saat tasaisen tahnan, lisää riisiviinietikka ja seesamiöljy ja vispaa tasaiseksi.

 Adapted from Valio.

5 Jul 2016

Chicken and Noodle Soup

Last week I was experiencing what it would be like to live without a dog as Foxtail had fleed the city to the peace of the archipelago. It was an odd feeling not having a dog around. All the time I was expecting him to come around, sniffing, barking, whining or just being there, having a nap. Home didn't feel like a home, but like a very deserted one, and I felt very lonely (despite I usually want the solitude). I noticed alsohow I've arranged my daily life to suit the dog tending. Although I'm always whining how I have to go home straight from work to go walk and feed Foxtail, it's actually something I seem to crave. I tried going straight after work to the sales, but once I got to the center I started feeling tired and not wanting to do any shopping, so I just drank a coffee, watched people on the sunny terrace and then left home to cook this soup (I'm the only one to like coriander in this household).

I love the combination of lime, ginger, lemongrass and coriander. This soup is both easy and quick to make and is perfect for a cool summer day we often have here in Finland. I got the original recipe from a Finnish health magazine's cooking extra (Hyvä Terveys) years ago and have tweeked it here and there over the years. If you like spicy hot, you can add your choice of chili spice, either to the broth or to the chicken. I don't like very hot flavours, so didn't put any. (Scroll down for the recipe - löytyy myös suomenkielisenä.)

Chicken and Noodle Soup

serves 4

1,5 litres dashi stock (from instant dashi is ok)
2 garlic cloves
(1 cinnamon stick - I forgot it this time!)
a piece of ginger
3 Tbsp soy sauce
1 stalk of lemongrass
300-400 g ground chicken

salt, pepper (and chili powder/flakes)
300 g wholewheat (or your favorite) noodles
150 g snow peas
juice from a lime
2 spring onions
fresh coriander

Bring dashi stock to a boil. Crush garlic cloves lightly with the flat of a knife and the heel of your hand. Prepare the lemongrass stalk by bashing it with the unsharp edge of a knife. Add garlic cloves, piece of ginger, cinnamon stick, soy sauce and lemongrass to the stock. Simmer for at least 5 minutes.

Meanwhile, saute the chicken, season with salt, pepper (and chili).

Remove the garlic, cinnamon, lemongrass and ginger from broth. Add noodles to the soup and simmer until they are almost cooked. Add snowpeas, sliced spring onions (save some green parts for garnish) and cook for a minute or so. Divide to bowls. Arrange the chicken on top, sprinkle with fresh lime juice and garnish with fresh coriander and the green part of spring onion.



1,5 litraa dashi-lientä (tai kanalientä) (kuutiosta/jauheesta ok myös)
2 valkosipulin kynttä
(1 kanelitanko - jonka kylläkin unohdin tällä kertaa)
pala tuoretta inkivääriä
3 rkl japanilaista soijakastiketta
1 varsi sitruunaruohoa
300-400 g kananjauhelihaa

suolaa, pippuria (ja chilijauhetta tai -lastuja) 
300 g täysjyvä (tai lempi-)nuudeleita
150 g sokeriherneitä
yhden limetin mehu

2 kevätsipulia
tuoretta korianteria

Kiehauta dashi-liemi. Murskaa valkosipulin kynnet veitsenlappeella. Hakkaa sitruunaruoho veitsen tylsällä puolella. Lisää valkosipulit, sitruunaruoho, kanelitanko, inkivääri ja soijakastike liemeen ja keitä ainakin 5 minuuttia. 

Paista kananjauheliha pannulla kypsäksi, mausta suolalla ja pippurilla sekä halutessasi chilijauheella.

Poista mausteet liemestä. Lisää nuudelit ja keitä, kunnes ne ovat lähes kypsiä. Lisää herneet, viipaloitu kevätsipulio (säästä hieman vihreää osaa koristeeksi) ja keitä n. minuutti. Jaa kulhoihin. Laita päälle paistettua kanaa, mausta tuoreella limenmehulla ja koristele tuoreella korianterilla ja kevätsipulilla.
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